Are you interested in knowing about Anita?

I can’t remember when I didn’t write, just as I can’t remember when I didn’t read. Unfortunately, I can finish reading a story quite easily, while completing the actual writing of a story is an entirely different thing.

For me, though, the fun is in putting the words together in the first place. Sometimes a half-page at 4 a.m. is all I accomplish, but if the words mesh in a comfortable way, I walk away satisfied for the moment. It’s a funny thing, but I’ve found that a lot of people are the same way: good starters, slow finishers. With any luck, some of them will find this page and recognize themselves here.

I’m fussy about who is allowed to see my work. Yes, I know, here it is, stuck out in this forum for everybody and his brother to read, but I figure that the everybody who sees it here takes the same chance with his own postings. (If the brother doesn’t participate, he’s not reading this, anyway.)

A couple of years ago I joined–with some trepidation–a prompt writing group in Costa Mesa, California. The Meetup site told me that the OC Writers Guild meets every Saturday (location given) and writes just for fun on a prompt or two provided by the group leader. It sounded like an easy-going group to me; maybe I’d find enough gumption to write a story and share it now and then. It’s turned out to be an absolute joy, and most of the story bits you find here are the direct result of the prompts we shared on Saturdays.

If you’re interested in tidbits not associated with prompts, check out my other blog, After the Commercial.




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