It’s been a while (okay, a long while) since I’ve added any of my terrific prompt writings to this blog, but I have an excuse. Actually, I have a lot of excuses, none of them very good. Several people have reminded me lately that I’ve been lax in my efforts, and at least one of those people has extracted a promise that I’ll try to do better.

I tend to agree that such a course would be advisable, particularly since I’ve suddenly become a published writer and was foolish enough to refer back to this blog in my bio. I have four stories in print, part of an anthology from the Orange County Writers Guild (see the side note on this page) that came out this week. The title of the thing is Brevity in Paradise and it’s available in all its glory on Amazon. If I can figure out how to link to that so you can jump right over there and spend your money, I’ll put it down at the bottom somewhere.

Brevity pic

The book is a compilation of stories from several of the group members, based on prompts that we used on Saturday mornings. Some of the stories were started and finished in group within the twenty-five minutes or so that we set to write; some of them began with the prompt writing and developed and grew in the author’s mind to be finished later. I’m pleased to be part of it.

(This is where I should put the reasons for not blogging regularly, but this dereliction on my part has nothing to do with the book, and so far I can’t find anything on the list of reasons that I care to share. No, laziness is not on the list, even if it should be.)

At any rate, having been prodded into action, I’ve been checking out some of my notebooks from prompt group, and I’m ready to take on the task of transcribing my scribbles onto the virtual printed page. Bear with me, it may take a while…