Prompt: They still come around sometimes


We’re lucky, I suppose, that we live in a pretty nice neighborhood, Jerry and I. When we first started out, we didn’t have much of anything, but the jobs came along when we needed them, and the kids came along when we wanted them, and now here we are, with a home that holds us in its warmth and a bank account that isn’t too depressing.

We even have rental property these days. You understand, it’s just a tiny house in a not very elegant part of town, but we try to keep it nice for the Smiths, who moved in last May. We painted all the walls, and snaked out the drains and such. We spent a couple of days pulling up baseboards and dumping in boric acid to get rid of the roaches. They still come back sometimes, but we gave the Smiths a can of that boric acid so they can keep on top of it. It’s a pretty nice place, really.

The Smiths have a little boy, Stevie, and a bulge in Karen’s belly is due to become a little girl next month. I don’t know how they’ll all fit in the house then, but we’re sure hoping they don’t decide to leave.

They remind me so much of us when we were that age.