Prompt: A thing of beauty is a joy forever


My first attempt at designing a thrill ride was pretty much a disaster. The people who put the thing out for bids failed to mention that the theme park was Glacier Galaxies, and it was to be the latest Six Flags attraction—in Greenland.

Actually, to me Greenland sounds like the kind of place that should be sporting ferns and palms, anyway, so I guess I can’t put all the blame on the park owners. I just think it’s a good thing that I only spent a few weeks and a few hundred dollars putting together a mock-up of what I just knew would end up being the world’s greatest steel coaster, a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

When it was time to make my presentation, I called the number they gave me and asked to speak to Mr. Kush-Kush.

“We have no one by that name,” the operator informed me, but her accent was rather pronounced, so I thought perhaps we were simply not quite communicating. Maybe my pronunciation was not exact, either.

“I’m sure he’s the one,” I said as clearly as I could. He gave me his card, and this is the right number for Polar Projects, Inc., isn’t it?”

“We have no Mr. Kush-Kush. If you’d like me to read you a list of our management team…”

There, at my home in Boca Raton, I shook my head and stared at the phone.

“Sure,” I said, “Maybe that would help.” My fingers caressed the balsa wood model as I waited for her to come back on the line. Ups and downs and loops and twists. I could almost see the happy riders, wind blowing through their hair in the sunny afternoon of Greenland.