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1. He climbed into the time machine and faced the only 2 buttons: FF and REW

2. Gravity definitely did not work the right way here

3. I’d never have said/done it if not for you

This piece follows last week’s prompt writing, so you might want to read that one first. Or not.


Mrs. Monahan looked as if she wasn’t just sure which of us needed help first. I figured that I, as the human person, probably should come before that dog, regardless of her name, but Mrs. Monahan had a special fondness for that dumb beast. It only took me a minute to decide it was time to wander on back to my own trailer, where I had a handy bathtub and no dogs at all.

I left Mrs. Monahan and her regal pup with as polite a farewell as I could manage. As far as I could tell, neither one of ’em noticed anyway.

I had plenty of things to keep me occupied, you know. The time I spent with Mrs. Monahan was sort of a charity thing, like visiting folks in the hospital, except that Mrs. Monahan was pretty damn spry for someone of her age and could even still drive. Hardly seems fair, when the Motor Vehicle folks made me give it up just because I couldn’t see the traffic signs anymore.

Still, I managed OK. I have me a little bicycle with a big basket and that takes me to the Walmart and back as easy as pie. I never buy much of anything over there anyway, but the people-watchin’ is the best entertainment in town.

I gotta tell you, last Wednesday was a pure treat. Mrs Monahan was off to the doctor’s—she’s got the gout and it flares up every so often—and I’ve been kind of avoiding Mr. Chumley lately since he’s been actin’ so lovey-dovey every time his girlfriend’s out of town, so I finished my Zane Gray book and thought I’d head over to the Walmart store for a while.

Well, when I got there, I locked up my bike, as usual. Our neighborhood ain’t terrible, but I don’t quite trust those Walmart shoppers not to take off with my bicycle, basket and all.

Anyway, along about that time I noticed a small boy riding one of those machines outside the entrance. He must have been about three or five years old because he still had that soft hair and little tiny teeth, but he had a mouth on him already. For some reason he sounded pretty darn mad at the man standing with him, his pa, I guess, because he was tryin’ to get the little guy calmed down.

“You said you wanted to ride the time machine. You know it goes up and down like that. I’d never have spend my quarter on the darn thing if not for you.” He reached over and grabbed the kid and rescued him from the machine.