1. A black bird snuck through a hole in the sky

2. The animosity was evident when she snarled

3. Take this experience and put it in a jar


“I’d like to know,” Marion said with her normal scowl, “just what you have against the idea. This is the third time I’ve brought it up and the Council keeps rejecting it without one single good reason.”

The mayor, who’d know her longer than anyone. scratched his left ear and tried to calm her down.

“Marion, we’ve given you all kinds of reasons why it just won’t work to put a playground on top of your old waste disposal yard. You have to consider the health of the kids.”

“But I’m giving it to you for free! That ought to count for something, Joe Ray!”

Joe Ray Bannister had enjoyed being mayor of the little town for more than twenty years, right up until the time Marion Frump got elected to the Town Council, which never would have happened except that the opening day of the County Fair kept all the thinking voters away from the polls. Marion was a pain in the butt, to put it politely.

“Listen one more time, Marion. We’d be pleased to put the playground on that nice lot you own over on 36th St., or even the rocky patch you bought last year from old Amos. If you want to donate one of those, we’ll accept in a minute. But I guarantee you that there will never be a Marion Frump Community Playground on the waste dump. Get over it!”

It wasn’t like Joe Ray to lose his temper, but this had been going on way too long. He was getting mad, and she was getting madder. The animosity was evident when they snarled at each other right there in the Council chambers.

The other three members of the Council grinned and settled more comfortably on the padded-leatherette chairs around the big table. Nothing much ever went on in the sleepy little town, so the Frump-Bannister confrontation promised to be the only excitement of the week. Toby nudged Isabel, who winked at Jonas Eliot. This was likely to get interesting.